Abbi Pulling can usually be found in the Human Performance Centre (HPC) at BWT Alpine F1 Team’s factory in Enstone, training hard for the season ahead. Consistently pushing herself to grow as both a driver and a person since joining the Alpine family our appreciation for her has only grown. Having stepped up as a full Alpine Academy member this season, Abbi is set to debut her number 10 car in the inaugural season of the F1 Academy Series later this month.



We caught up with Abbi on her drive home after a day of training at BWT Alpine F1 Team’s factory in Enstone. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about number 10…



1. Something that people might be surprised to learn about you? Outside of racing I work in graphic design. So I spend my afternoons designing helmets and drink bottles, things like that for other drivers. I’m really creative and quite into clothes and fashion, even if it doesn’t seem like it, I do have that side to me.


2. You can invite three people to dinner, dead or alive – who are you inviting? Definitely Valentino Rossi, my idol! Probably Ayrton Senna, I’d want to pick his brain. I’d bring my dad too, so he can also meet Valentino Rossi.


3. One skill that you would love to master? I’ve always wanted to play the piano. I think it’s so cool to just be able to go up to the pianos that are around train stations or in parks. There’s one in a town near me and I would love to just go over and play something one day.



4. If you could pick a teammate from all drivers, past and present, who would you want to race alongside? If we were picking more than one, Le Mans style, I’d probably go with Alice Powell. She’s helped me a lot with my own driving and she’s an incredible driver. I’d also go with Sabine Schmitz, she was a legend around Nurburgring.


5. Have you ever been starstruck, and if so who by? Probably starstruck in the sense of going to my first Grand Prix, spending time in the Alpine F1 garage and being a part of the team in that way. That was a big moment for me – very proud, a pinch-me kind of moment.



6. Something on your bucket list? To race in the FIA Formula 3 Championship! Away from racing, I don’t really have much, just to continue enjoying life and stay happy.



7. Wildest thing you’ve ever done in your life? Driving a Formula 1 car was pretty epic, especially to do it around the streets of Riad. Along with Aseel Al Hamad, we were the first women to drive an F1 car in Saudi Arabia, which was a strong message to send.


8. Something you’re scared of? Spiders and roller coasters. You’d think I’d like roller coasters since I’m used to high speeds, but I like being in control.



9. Favourite childhood memory? Being at the banger with my dad, with a sparkler in my hand, watching the caravans exploding and crashing into each other.


10. How do you start a typical day? Drag myself out of bed, have breakfast–normally eggs on toast–then I'll get in my car and go straight to the gym. If it’s a race day, I’ll listen to music to get motivated. Heartbroken by H2 is my go-to song. I like a lot of older songs, like 2000’s, and 80’s music.


Keep up to date with Abbi’s results from the first F1 Academy Series race of the 2023 season in Spielberg, Austria on April 28th via the F1 Academy website and social media.